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you make my heart sing

by | Sunday, February 17, 2008 |

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="120.0"] 1618709-1349528-thumbnail.jpg[/caption] this picture of dave & zander makes me chuckle – notice the way dave is clutching his iphone like a long lost lover – he’s been doing that ever since he got it!! he loves his zander but he really loves his iphone!

hawks suck

by | Tuesday, January 29, 2008 |

dave & i have worked really hard to keep my chickens safe from predators – we went to great lengths to make sure they were safe from the dogs, first and foremost, because we foolishly believed they were the chickens' greatest danger. no fox, coyote, dog, etc could get into the chicken yard – of this i am certain. apparently, probably because we are really city people living in the pseudo-country, it did not occur to us to protect them from air attacks. in the span of a few days i found 3 of...

gar week - you are missed (conclusion)

by | Wednesday, January 23, 2008 |

to the right is a picture that was taken off the bow (is that the front – i have no idea, nor do i know anything about boating, but it makes me feel special to use such terms) of our boat. i was in the lake treading water and this face is what was staring at me…a little unnerving to say the least. i think it accurately depicts the unbridled joy that garcia had for the sea! shortly after the picture was taken i did some photoshop effects and had it printed out on canvas. it hangs above a...

gar week - you are missed (day 4)

by | Tuesday, January 22, 2008 |

we discovered pretty early in gar’s life that she loved the water. most of the pictures we have of her she is in the water. we used to take her to a local spot where there were rocks she could jump off of but one summer it hit us that gar would probably have a great time on a boat. we didn’t know anything about boats but that didn’t stop us from scouting the classifieds for a used one. within a few days we were the proud owners of a very old, very awesome motor boat. garcia loved to go out on...

gar week - you are missed (day 3)

by | Friday, January 18, 2008 |

about 8 years ago, 2 nights before christmas, we had a particularly buggery foster, earl, who unbeknownst to us figured out how to open the latch on the gate to our fence. not only did he set himself free but, probably promising a sandwich, dragged garcia along with him. while out on our frantic & exhaustive search, dave & i ran into some neighborhood kids who had seen her not long before. one of the boys looked at us & said “i saw your dog – she looks like a monkey.” even in our panic we...

gar week - you are missed (day 2)

by | Thursday, January 17, 2008 |

it’s very hard to talk about garcia without talking about demeter – they’ve been inseparable their entire lives. in fact, the two nights garcia spent in the hospital a few months ago, when she was first diagnosed, was the first time they were ever apart. they always did eerily similar things and would often times freak dave & i out – they would be like bookends in the same exact position. another things that freaks me out is this picture of dave – apparently facial hair is not always a good...

gar week - you are missed

by | Wednesday, January 16, 2008 |

shortly after dave & i moved into our first home a friend left a message on our answering machine early one morning. “hey guys, i dropped off 2 puppies in your backyard…” cut to me shrieking and hightailing it through the house to our backyard. sitting in a taco bell cheese box were 2 of the cutest puppies you will ever see (i can still picture that box clear as day). the fact that garcia first appeared in our life in a taco bell box was lost to us at the time but now it is nothing short of...

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