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by | Thursday, July 31, 2008 |

because reilley is kitchen counter height he has the opportunity to take whatever he wants, fortunately he rarely exploits this gift. about 98.7% of the time he is very respectful of food on the counter - the only caveat being when there is watermelon in his presence. he doesn’t try to steal the watermelon (that might anger me) – he just rests his head hoping that i’ll be moved enough by his display of restraint and desire to reward him with said watermelon. let it be said that i love...

wonder twin powers activate

by | Friday, July 11, 2008 |

we put one of the bday pillows out yesterday afternoon and watson’s reaction was perplexing at best. it wasn’t clear if he was terrified of the pillow, protecting the pillow from everyone else, or trying to protect everyone else from the pillow - suffice to say there was a lot of barking. it’s all a mute point as fletcher took care of the evil pillow, most assuredly at the behest of watson…   anyone interested in a slightly used pillow...

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