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happy hour

by | Thursday, June 3, 2010 |

most evenings after work we go out to seemingly play with the dogs, although usually there's more sitting than playing going on. this picture tickles the crap out of me...watson's such an unlikely ham.

help for our fair city

by | Tuesday, May 4, 2010 |

it took me a long time to admit to myself that i love nashville and i will accept that i'm more to blame for that than nashville.  this has been our home for 16 years and it is a city that i love and am now proud to call home. it is a kind and friendly city and now it is also a very wet city with many people facing complete devastation. sadly the national media has not been as gracious with media coverage as we need them to be but maybe that's because we are who we are...check out this...

one for the history books

by | Monday, May 3, 2010 |

i am so happy to report to you that, although nashville and surrounding cities received a deluge of water this weekend, dave, myself, the dogs and chickens and the earthdog compound have arisen unscathed.  we feel extremely fortunate (and a little unnerved) to be in this condition, especially after watching coverage all weekend of our beloved city in dire straits.  we wish peace to all affected and know we will be dealing with the implications, both to the people of tn and the...

9 out of 10 dentists agree

by | Sunday, April 25, 2010 |

while 93.75% of our family adored benny from the get go there was one that was not only not impressed but downright scared of him.  as fearless as speck seems she is actually terrified of new people and new dogs, the only exception being carly who she adored right from the start (go figure).  speck spent benny’s first few days running away from him and hiding under things.  because murphy’s law is what it is benny was drawn to speck right from the start and followed after her...

barking up the wrong tree

by | Tuesday, April 20, 2010 |

i haven't posted about benny in a while through no fault of his own - i've got a ton of video that i need to get edited so stay tuned for that.  he continues to be an amazing little man.  this is just a quick clip illustrating that regardless of how adorable he is indi is still not interested in his antics (and that he can be clumsy). ...

driving mr. daisy

by | Tuesday, April 13, 2010 |

reilley loves to ride in my car and i've been promising him for weeks i'd take him for a ride. unfortunately i didn't have the foresight to take him somewhere before last week when he had a vet appointment and when the time came for us to leave he was beside himself with joy...until we arrived at the vet. to add insult to injury, because we very rarely go to the vet with just one dog, he had to share his car ride with jewel which really cramped his style. today when lunchtime came around and...

crazy people knocking

by | Saturday, April 10, 2010 |

we just had someone leave a message at earthdog because they had seen our "petfinder" page. from the message it seems that our "petfinder" page is actually the our crew page where we have pics & blurbs about our dogs (clearly marked as our dogs). anywho, she is apparently very interested in adopting carly because she's had terriers before?? she lives on a very large houseboat and is looking for a dog she can walk with every day. i briefly considered sending the 110-lb feral beast to the woman...

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