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dare to dream

by | Wednesday, November 5, 2008 |

pitbull awareness day was an enormous success. the spay station neutered 46 dogs in one day – i can’t believe i just typed 46 dogs!! fix for life also gave out a large number of certificates for free spays. it was overwhelming to see all the cages filled with dogs from our community. it really made us hopeful that someday there can be an end to the overpopulation problem in nashville. we were absolutely honored to be a part of it. ...

pitbull awareness day

by | Friday, October 24, 2008 |

tomorrow is pitbull awareness day in nashville and earthdog and kody’s fund are sponsoring the spay station.  the spay station will be parked at edgehill village and will be neutering 38 (not a typo...38) pitbull/pitbull mixes.  we're proud to be able to fund this amazing event.  if you're in the nashville area please come down to edgehill village tomorrow between 11-2.  they will also be giving away certificates for no cost spay & neuter surgeries to be done...

takin' care of bidness

by | Thursday, August 14, 2008 |

just a few things that need to be mentioned.  first off i want to profusely thank you for the amazing emails i've received since i started this blog.  i feel like a little too much altruism is being attributed to dave & i but it is definately much appreciated...flattery will definately get you everywhere.  i'm still struggling with the idea of the blog - to think that people would actually be interested in reading about our life seems a bit pompous.  i also...

new website coming soon

by | Wednesday, October 17, 2007 |

we're hard at work on our new site and hope to go live with it by next week. for now the old site is still viable (just barely), earthdog

about me

by | Friday, October 5, 2007 |

this really should be an "about us" blog post. i'm kym colella and the “us” is my husband dave and our 16 dogs. together we are all equal partners in earthdog (a hemp dog product manufacturing company). i say equal partners because dave & i do all the actual work and the dogs provide us with inspiration, photos and the use of their names. many people ask, and i'm sure still more wonder, "what could possibly have gone on in your life to have ended up with 16 dogs?" i imagine if you've read this...

• we believe in rescue dogs and spay + neuter programs
• we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
• we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs