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    tired of your dog getting all the cool stuff? you don't wear a collar but your dog can't carry keys. we're proud to offer our decorative hemp keychains in all our collar patterns (27 styles to choose from). 

    handcrafted in lead-free hammered pewter, our keychains can handle all your keys with a 1-1/4" split ring (5" long).

    • 1-1/4" split ring
    • 5" long
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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    Philadelphia PA

    heart dog key chain

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    I've never been one for fancy key chains /fobs, a simple ring holding the keys was sufficient. However, after the passing of my heart dog, I ordered one of these key chains in the pattern matching her collar. Every day, multiple times each day, I grab the key chain and my girl's memory is always near. It's been a few years since she passed and the key chain is still doing its magic <3

    Nashville, TN

    Rockin' Key Chain

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    What a better way than to bling your keys? I have one to hold my keys together. I'm known to set my keys in my house (or I'm convinced they grew legs and walked away) and search for hours. It's an issue...... Once I received my keychain I rarely misplace my keys. I, of course, got a great bright design and now have only misplaced them once with being difficult to find (those pesky cats of mine knocked them under the file cabinet.....get a dog). I love my keychain! Also, the ring itself has not become loose like so many other keychains I've had in the past.....cough..cough...thanks Tiffany's....NO!....cough.....cough. Reward yourself with an Earthdog keychain today! You won't be sorry!!!!!!!!

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    • we believe in rescue dogs and spay + neuter programs
    • we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
    • we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs
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