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    our eco friendly rope toys for dogs are produced from 100% Romanian-grown hemp and offered in two sizes. these hemp rope dog toys are great for the heavier chewers and dogs love 'em! eco friendly dog toys come in two sizes. small is two knot and about 10" long, large is three knot and about 16" long.

    • small: 2 knot and about 10" long
    • large: 3 knot and about 16" long
    Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:
    Pitt Meadows, BC

    Australian Cattle Dog loves her rope toy!

    I purchased a large rope toy for my dog, and she loves it. I had been worried about other rope toys being possibly toxic if she eats the fibers, but with this natural hemp rope toy, the fibers are non-toxic and safe. It doesn't seem to shed fibers much like other rope toys we have purchased, either.

    Small Hemp Rope Toys

    I love the idea of the hemp rope chew toys in principle however they don't hold up to the intense chewing of my 8-month Golden Retriever pup.

    The first toy was destroyed by day 6 and the second only lasted for 3 days.

    She positively loved them, but I won't be able to afford $50 or more per month for just this one toy for just this one pup..

    The rope is 14" long not 16". Small pieces of the hemp fiber keep coming off the ends of the rope. My pup used this one time.

    A Winner!

    My Shelties love these Hemp Rope toys/chews. I am always in the market for something safe for a chew toy as one my Shelties loves to chew everything. These Hemp Ropes are a big hit! I ordered both sizes because I wasn't sure which one would be the correct size however, they both are! The small isn't real small and the large isn't huge so they both worked. Great purchase!

    Frederick, MD

    My dogs love these! They are chewers and these are durable. Excellent customer service too!

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