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    earthdog solid hemp martingale collars feature 100% hemp webbing. available in 5 colors and undyed natural. hypoallergenic. unlike nylon and other synthetics, hemp softens with wear making these collars extremely comfortable for your dog and, because they're machine-washable, they're hassle-free for you. all collars are 1" wide.

    we also offer a martingale relooping program to extend the life of your martingale collar.

    we do not recommend leaving martingale collars on unsupervised dogs. please see our "adjustable hemp collars" for all-day wear. if you're unsure which style collar is right for your needs please contact us.

    • small: 8"-14"
    • medium: 14"-20"
    • large: 18"-26"
    all sizes are 1" wide
    • small: 8-14"
    • medium: 14-20"
    • large: 18-26"

    washing instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 15 Reviews:
    New England

    One of the best purchases I've made

    I bought this collar about a year ago. My 60lb golden doodle has a way of backing out of any collar while on our walks/runs. She hasn't backed out of this one yet (and she has definitely tried!) It's held up through rain and mud. Also I like that it's soft and doesn't irritate her. I highly recommend it!!!

    Hemp martingale collar

    My new rescue Great Dane has such sensitive skin. I tried everything, including rolled leather, to no avail until trying this hemp collar. It is perfect! Soft and no skin reactions. So glad he can keep his tags on finally and he is so handsome. Thank you!

    Great for a dog with allergies

    I ordered this collar for my 48 lb. AmStaff--she likes to pull when walking on leash so I needed a strong collar that wouldn't snap open. However, she has allergies and sensitive skin, and will scratch at herself if the collar is rough, and can't wear a collar in the house at all. This martingale collar is perfect for her because it is strong but still soft. They don't last forever when you have a puller, though, so it will fray along the edges after a few years of doggie pressure.

    fine but flimsy

    I was excited about this plain hemp martingale-style, but when it arrived it seemed thin and flimsy. I bought two for my Aussie and Lab, and returned them both untried. Recommend Planet Dog's hemp collars instead.

    So. CA.

    Hemp martingale collars are on my must have list

    Earth Dog collars look great and are well made. Another big advantage of hemp is that it does not hold odors like nylon. Martingale collars are my favorite walking and training collars. Martingale collars are great collars for securely controlling your dog. (Not choking them) There are no buckles to break. When fitted properly it prevents the dog from backing out of the collar. For most dogs a proper fit is when the leash is tightened and the two metal rings touch and not constrict on the dogs neck while still leaving room for you to place two fingers under the collar. It should be fitted just tight enough that the dog cannot back out of it. Once the collar is fitted correctly it should slip over the head easily without the need to loosen. Martingales collars should not be left on unsupervised dogs. Instead use a standard buckle collar like the Earth Dog adjustable collars. Teach your dog to walk nicely and not pull on even if there is a squirrel, cat, anther dog, etc... My favorite technique that I use is this:

    since 1997
    • we believe in rescue dogs and spay + neuter programs
    • we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
    • we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs
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