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decorative hemp leashes
decorative hemp leashes Price: $24.00-$32.00
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Item #: ed-dhl -

earthdog eco-friendly, decorative hemp dog leashes provide all the essentials for the perfect dog walk. you’ll love the way our 100% hemp canvas feels on your hand along with the peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure. with our 27 unique and cool designs to select from, we’ve got just the right match for you and your best buddy to be looking great while on the move. our dog leads are strong and substantial yet will easily wrap up around your hand if desired and fit comfortably in a...

earthdog solid hypoallergenic hemp dog leashes in 6 colors
solid hemp leashes Price: $22.00-$30.00
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Availability: in stock
Item #: ed-shl -

earthdog solid hemp leashes feature 100% hemp webbing with the unmatchable comfort of hemp - you'll love the way it feels on your hand! we use the highest quality snaphooks that combine safety with ease of use. these soft hemp dog leashes can be machine washed and dried. hypoallergenic. available in 5 vibrant colors and undyed natural. 2', 4' or 6' lengths. all leashes are 1" wide. Decorative hemp leashes also available. patches: add some flair to your leash! our sewn-on, embroidered...

southwestern hemp leashes hemp leash, hemp dog leash, dog leash, banana dog leash, banana hemp leash, eco friendly leash
southwestern hemp leashes Price: $28.00-$32.00
Availability: in stock
Item #: earthdog-sw-leash -

These vibrant, southwestern-inspired patterns are sure to get attention and have your dog looking fine! These are 3/4" wide and available in 4' and 6' lengths. Patch them up for a true custom look. When they’re gone they’re gone, so act now! earthdog decorative hemp leashes feature triple layer 100% hemp canvas with our limited edition southwestern patterns in vibrant colors, our simple, reliable snaphook has remained unchanged for 25+ years, providing the ease of use we all love...

solid hemp slip leads
solid hemp slip leads Price: $30.00
Availability: in stock
Item #: earthdog-ssl -

both convenient and practical, our flat slip leads are a soft, eco friendly alternative to the traditional nylon and leather offerings.  100% hemp webbing construction means these leads feel wonderful both around your dog's neck and your hand.   hypoallergenicmachine washablebreathableearth-friendlyvegan earthdog slip leads are handcrafted with 100% hemp webbing and a nickel plated o-ring. our slip leads offer your dog a breathable, comfortable, itch-free...

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