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     2' (traffic leash) 






    earthdog decorative hemp leashes feature triple-layer, 100% hemp canvas construction with the unmatchable comfort of hemp - you'll love the way it feels on your hand! we use the highest quality snaphooks that combine safety with ease of use and distinctive, earthdog-style trims. eco friendly dog leashes can be machine washed and dried. hypoallergenic. available in 27 styles and 2', 4' or 6' lengths. solid hemp dog leashes also available.

    murray, sage, indi and wilson leashes are 3/4" wide, all other leashes are 1" wide.

    murray, sage, indi and wilson leashes are 3/4" wide, all other leashes are 1" wide.

    • 2'
    • 4'
    • 6'

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    Good products

    I recently purchased multiple products from Earth Dog; a collar, street leash, and 6ft leash. All are attractive, well made and exceeded my expectations. In addition I also bought some salve for irritations and hot spots. I am very impressed with the salve. My dog does not object to it and it worked very rapidly. Faster than other homeopathic solutions that were suggested to me previously by oathers. Earth Dog will be my first choice when considering future purchases for my Corgi.

    Leash that is easy on the eyes and the hands

    This leash is sturdy, colorful and the hemp is comfortable to hold. I have several other Earthdog leashes. Those reinforced by the decorative strap are very long lasting leashes and maintain being comfortable to hold and sturdy.

    WAY more comfortable than any other leash I've tried, really durable, and looks great.

    Greater Seattle

    Big on hemp!

    I love the design of the Earthdog hemp products. One opportunity for improvement - the leash I bought feels a little stiff and scratchy. I'm sure it will be better after a couple of runs through the wash! Thanks, guys!

    Hemp leash

    Love our matching accessories. So soft and super strong. Hemp is super strongest material ever. All natural and earth friendly. Got to have and must have. Highly recommend. Love it Love it Love it. Only stuff we own and only stuff we recommend. Thank you sooooo much. Also doesn't make us itchy due to having allergies to polyester and nylon. So this is absolutely perfect.

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