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    • astrid
    • astrid-II
    • avery-1
    • carly
    • demeter
    • dietrich
    • fat moe
    • flanagan
    • fletcher
    • indi
    • jewel
    • kody
    • kody-II
    • kody-III
    • kody-IV
    • kody-V (orange)
    • kody-VI (yellow)
    • murray
    • owney
    • phineus-1
    • reilley-2
    • sage
    • seamus-1
    • simon-2
    • speck
    • super snooty*
    • watson
    • wilson
    • zander-1

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     2' (traffic leash) 






    earthdog eco-friendly, decorative hemp dog leashes provide all the essentials for the perfect dog walk. you’ll love the way our 100% hemp canvas feels on your hand along with the peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure. with our 27 unique and cool designs to select from, we’ve got just the right match for you and your best buddy to be looking great while on the move. our dog leads are strong and substantial yet will easily wrap up around your hand if desired and fit comfortably in a pocket at the dog park, beach, vet, play date or anywhere else your dog leads you.

    our simple, reliable snaphook has remained unchanged for 20+ years, providing the ease of use we all love without a lot of unnecessary bulk. the spring-loaded, snap-on design makes hooking up even the most wiggly and excited dog a breeze.

    choose from our most popular 6’ length, 4’ or 2’ traffic lead for city walking or keeping your big dog close.

    • made in the usa
    • machine washable
    • pocket friendly
    • hypoallergenic
    • stylish
    • vegan

    murray, sage, indi and wilson leashes are 3/4" wide, all other leashes are 1" wide.

    murray, sage, indi and wilson leashes are 3/4" wide, all other leashes are 1" wide.

    • 2'
    • 4'
    • 6'

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 21 Reviews:

    Cute, comfy, strong

    I wish I had bought this leash sooner. It has the bright Super Snooty design, it has a soft but strong feel in my hand, and the four foot length is ideal for a young and an old dog who share it.

    Nashville, TN

    Great Design and Function

    We love the bright, bold colors of this leash. We also love the secure yet lightweight feel while walking our big, lively dog alongside the busy road in front of our home. Highly recommend this functional mixture of quality and design!

    Cleveland, OH

    The best...really

    You can't have the collar without the matching leash! Do yourself a favor and buy it!


    Great leash

    This is the second leash i have from earthdog. The first is 2 years old and is still going strong but a new pup meant we had to get another. These leashes are much softer in your hand and get softer with age.

    Best leash ever!

    I think I've had this leash for about 8 years now and after almost daily use it's just now starting to fray. Why do I love it enough to take the time to write a review? (Unheard of for me, if you knew how busy I am!) First of all, the snap that attaches to the collar is unlike any other. There's no having to hold the hook open, it's a simple click and it's on! Love that! Secondly, it's soft like some of the other reviews mentioned which means it folds or rolls up really small since it's not stiff so, when it's not on my dog, it fits just about anywhere. Finally, the length options are really well thought out. 6 ft. is probably great if your dog likes to walk ahead and you're good with that, but mine walks right next to me pretty much, so 4 ft. is perfect so his feet don't get tangled up in it and I'm not having to wrap extra leash around my hand. Ok, that's it, off to walk...

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    Do you now or will you ever offer slip leashes?
    June 13, 2018 5:30 AM
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    hi pernille, the smaller clip on our 3/4" width leashes is 2-1/4" long with an outside base width of 1" and weight of 3/4 oz. The 4 styles that use this clip are wilson, murray, indi and sage patterns. all the others use a slightly larger clip to fit a 1" wide leash.
    dave colella December 6, 2018 12:44 PM
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    Hi, How big is the snap/hook that attaches the leash to the collar? I have very small dogs (3 kilos), so I need the leash to be thin, snap to be small and weight to be light :)
    Pernille December 4, 2018 12:08 PM
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    hi - we don't currently offer slip leashes as a stock item but you can email us directly with your exact needs - it may be that we can make it as a special order. info@earthdog.com
    kym June 14, 2018 5:48 PM
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