earthdog eco friendly hemp martingale collars in three styles
  • earthdog eco friendly hemp martingale collars in three styles
  • earthdog decorative martingale eco friendly hemp dog collars in 27 cool patterns
  • earthdog crew member watson wearing eco friendly hemp martingale decorative collar in dietrich green stripe style
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    • astrid
    • astrid-II
    • avery-1
    • carly
    • demeter
    • dietrich
    • fat moe
    • flanagan
    • fletcher
    • garcia-1
    • indi
    • jewel
    • kody
    • kody-II
    • kody-III
    • kody-IV
    • murray
    • owney
    • phineus-1
    • reilley-1
    • sage
    • seamus-1
    • simon-2
    • speck
    • super snooty*
    • watson
    • wilson
    • zander

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    earthdog decorative hemp martingale collars feature triple-layer, 100% hemp canvas construction and distinctive, earthdog-style trims. collars can be machine washed and dried. hypoallergenic. available in 27 styles.

    we also offer a martingale relooping program to extend the life of your martingale collar.

    we do not recommend leaving martingale collars on unsupervised dogs. please see our "adjustable hemp collars" for all-day wear. if you're unsure which style collar is right for your needs please contact us.

    small sized collars in murray, sage, indi and wilson patterns are 3/4" wide, all other collars in all sizes are 1" wide.

    • small: 8"-14"
    • medium: 14"-20"
    • large: 18"-26"

    *100% of the proceeds of our “super snooty” style benefits snooty giggles dog rescue from thompson station, tn.

    small sized collars in murray, sage, indi and wilson patterns are 3/4" wide, all other collars in all sizes are 1" wide.

    • small: 8"-14"
    • medium: 14"-20"
    • large: 18"-26"

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 26 Reviews:

    Love it! it's exactly as described, I have used Earthdog martingale collars for years, and I can tell that it's tougher then some of my older collars, with the new reinforced design:)

    long beach, ca

    Cool and Comfortable

    My poor pup had been wearing a faded nylon collar for the longest time. It was scratchy and had worn some of the fur off his neck, and he always seemed to appreciate it when I took the collar off and gave him a mini-neck rub. I was looking for something my pooch would be comfortable in as he hiked, swam, slept, and ran around. When his new earthdog collar came, he at first sniffed it suspiciously. But once it was around his neck, he took to it right away. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but it seems there's a little extra spring in his step now that he's got a new collar. And the new collar has resulted in three compliments so far at the dog park. :) I tell them, yes, I got it from earthdog!!

    Great training collar

    Earth Dog collars look great and are well made. Another big advantage of hemp is that it does not hold odors like nylon.

    Martingale collars are my favorite walking and training collars. Martingale collars are great collars for securely controlling your dog. (Not choking them) There are no buckles to break. When fitted properly it prevents the dog from backing out of the collar. For most dogs a proper fit is when the leash is tightened and the two metal rings touch and not constrict on the dogs neck while still leaving room for you to place two fingers under the collar. It should be fitted just tight enough that the dog cannot back out of it. Once the collar is fitted correctly it should slip over the head easily without the need to loosen. Martingales collars should not be left on unsupervised dogs. Instead use a standard buckle collar like the Earth Dog adjustable collars.

    Portland, ME

    My dog loves it!

    I choose hemp for my dogs because I want a hypoallergenic dog collar and these are good quality, attractive, and hold up well. They are hand made here in the USA and I like that too.

    the perfect collar - comfort and style!

    Had this mailed directly to our grandpup, Cricket. It is perfect! At the suggestion of a small dog store clerk/friend, we tried Earthdog collars about 10 years ago with our two rescue rotties, and have never purchased another brand since. They are so soft, LOVE the colors and options that express individuality. I have washed them several times to get the dead-animal-insides or horse-poop pungency removed, and they are very durable. They don't even fade very much. Our 10 year old girl doesn't hike daily anymore, and so doesn't get new colors as often, but she is seriously attached to her shark pattern collar and hates having it removed. We love the comfort factor, so much so that we thought it important for our grand pup to wear a pretty pink Astrid. All dogs should wear these!

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    • we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
    • we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs