A stack of earthdog decorative hemp dog collars.
  • A stack of earthdog decorative hemp dog collars.
  • earthdog adjustable eco friendly hemp dog collar and leash in speck friendship pattern
  • earthdog decorative eco friendly hemp dog collars in 27 cool patterns
  • earthdog pack member astrid in eco friendly decorative adjustable hemp dog collars flower Indi style
  • earthdog crew member reilley wearing eco friendly hemp adjustable decorative dog collars in kody 2 star
  • three earthdog hemp adjustable dog collars in dietrich kody 2 and flanagan styles
Price: $23.00

    • astrid
    • astrid-II
    • avery-1
    • carly
    • demeter
    • dietrich
    • fat moe
    • flanagan
    • fletcher
    • garcia-1
    • indi
    • jewel
    • kody
    • kody-II
    • kody-III
    • kody-IV
    • murray
    • owney
    • phineus-1
    • reilley-1
    • sage
    • seamus-1
    • simon-2
    • speck
    • super snooty*
    • watson
    • wilson
    • zander

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    earthdog hemp adjustable dog collars feature triple-layered, 100% hemp canvas construction, contoured, quick-release hardware and our distinctive, earthdog-style trims. decorative dog collars can be machine washed and dried, are hypoallergenic and available in 27 styles. solid hemp adjustable collars and x-small dog collars also available.

    small sized collars in murray, sage, indi and wilson patterns are 3/4" wide, all other collars in all sizes are 1" wide.

    • small: 8"-14"
    • medium: 14"-20"
    • large: 18"-26"

    *100% of the proceeds of our “super snooty” style benefits snooty giggles dog rescue from thompson station, tn.

    small sized collars in murray, sage, indi and wilson patterns are 3/4" wide, all other collars in all sizes are 1" wide.

    • small: 8"-14"
    • medium: 14"-20"
    • large: 18"-26"

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 46 Reviews:
    Douglasville, GA

    Best Collar Ever!

    I first bought one of these collars about 2 years ago for my elderly boxer and it lasted wonderfully until his passing a few months ago. I love the designs (there is a color and pattern to fit every dog) and the fact you can throw it in the washing machine is a plus. When we adopted our Am Bulldog/ Boxer mix puppy I knew right away that I would have to purchase one of these awesome collars for her as well. They are beautiful (we received lots of compliments) and sturdy. Don't waste your money on a collar that won't last. These collars are the best and the company is amazing.

    Avery-1 collar

    I have had this collar for my Boston Terrier for about 10 years now. The pattern is really cool. It has lasted through many washes and wears extremely, let me stress, extremely well. Only over the last few years has it tarted to show signs of wear and tear where the metal loop is and the stitching around the edge but that has not impacted upon the function or the durability of the collar. Thank you Earthdog!

    Falls Creek, Pa

    Timber Tested and Timber approved

    Timber says "E'Ruff said, I love it!"

    Great collar!

    We love these collars! Not only are they functional but decorative pattern is awesome. We have 2 pit bulls and chose the red with white stars for our male and the purple with white stars for our female. Hope they decide to make this collar in pink with stars one day!

    Dayton, Ohio

    Love these collars!

    I ordered a collar for both my 70lb and 100lb bull terriers! I love the design and feel of the collars. They are already starting to soften. One of my boys has scartched at his collar and pulled threads loose but that's his doing not the collars! I will definitely order more once they have worn these collars out.

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