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earthdog decorative eco friendly hemp dog harness in kody II star pattern
  • earthdog decorative eco friendly hemp dog harness in kody II star pattern
  • violet sporting eco friendly hemp harness in indi style
  • earthdog decorative eco friendly hemp dog harnesses in 27 cool patterns
  • How To Put on an earthdog H-style Dog Harness
  • why choose hemp
  •  jack in his speck hemp harness made in the usa
Price: $34.00

    • astrid
    • astrid-II
    • avery-1
    • carly
    • demeter
    • dietrich
    • fat moe
    • flanagan
    • fletcher
    • indi
    • jewel
    • kody
    • kody-II
    • kody-III
    • kody-IV
    • kody-V (orange)
    • kody-VI (yellow)
    • murray
    • owney
    • phineus-1
    • reilley-1
    • sage
    • seamus-1
    • simon-2
    • speck
    • watson
    • wilson
    • zander-1

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    earthdog decorative hemp harnesses are manufactured from 100% hemp webbing with our distinctive trims accenting the back. unlike nylon and other synthetics, hemp softens with wear, making these hemp dog harnesses the absolute most comfortable choice for your dog and because they're machine-washable, they're hassle-free for you. check the video on this page, posted above with the photos for a look at the easy on/off instructions. just pick your dog's look and they're ready for walking in comfort and style!

    our "H" style hemp harness can also be used with a front leash attachment for training heavy pullers. the leash will run over top of either side of your dog and help with control by pulling them off center when they lunge forward.

    available in 27 styles and 3 sizes. all harnesses are 1" wide. demeter, carly and speck harnesses with blueberry webbing, all others in ash. to determine chest girth measure the ribcage of your dog just behind the front legs.

    • small: 12-20" (chest girth)
    • medium: 20-32" (chest girth)
    • large: 26-42" (chest girth)

    all harnesses are 1" wide. demeter, carly and speck harnesses with blueberry webbing, garcia-1 with tangerine webbing, all others in ash.

    to determine chest girth measure the ribcage of your dog just behind the front legs.

    • small: 12-20" (chest girth)
    • medium: 20-32" (chest girth)
    • large: 26-42" (chest girth)

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    Overall Customer Rating of 20 Reviews:

    Hemp harness

    <p>Loved our purchase. One of our two black lab puppies chewed through the hemp harness within the first hour of receiving.😔 The other harness purchased lasted a few more days, but ended in the same demise.😞 Loved the harnesses with the leashes in what little time they had gotten to be used. Purchased matching leashes to go with, but think the harnesses are too costly to order again only to have the same thing happen by no fault of yours. Great product just not ideal for puppies that like to chew on anything and everything. They chewed through the harness, while still wearing, and quickly.</p>
    <p><b>earthdog response: </b>we are sorry to hear your puppies chewed the harnesses. unfortunately no material will hold up to chewing and hemp is no exception. if you'd like to give us a call at 877.654.5528 we can talk about repairing them.</p>

    Love these harnesses

    We have standard schnauzers. We love the hemp harnesses for them. They are strong and sturdy, yet very soft and move well with the dogs.

    Highly recommended!

    I started out with regular nylon collars and leashes when I got my dog, but they rubbed her hairless, and she was able to pull out of them if she stopped walking. So I bought a nylon figure-8/step-in harness at a pet store, and she could pull out of that too. So I got on the internet and tried to find a harness she couldn't pull out of that was made of a material that wouldn't rub her raw or hairless, and I found Earth Dog. I loved my first order, so I ordered a few more things a couple months later. Now I've used Earth Dog exclusively for the past 5 years, and I recommend them to EVERYONE. I have two harnesses, one collar (for her tags), a 6 ft leash, and a 2 ft leash. And one dog. X-D My dog cannot pull out of the harness, and it doesn't rub her bare anywhere. If you have a mutant dog with a tiny head, HIGHLY recommended!


    Beautiful harness for my girl!

    All the harnesses I've bought for my dogs are from Earthdog. Such perfection!

    Comfy and Durable

    First off, these harnesses are super soft and do not rub on the under arms or anywhere else like a lot of nylon harnesses do. My girl's a puller and I'm not really worried about her hurting herself with this. I mean I even have to be careful how I hold her sometimes because her thoat is so sensitive to pressure. So, if you got a puller, this will do nicely. My girl is a Heeler mix so she has a good strong body. This is actually the second harness I got for my little girl. The first one is still doing great, but since my girl likes to swim, I've had to get a second one. The only real down fall I see with these harnesses is that they take a bit to dry when they get drench, but that's negligible. Super fantastic product.

    Number of questions: 5
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    Do you offer a 3/4 inch width harness and collar? The 1 inch is just too large for my dog.
    Halee September 21, 2020 12:08 AM
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    thank you for your question. all of our harnesses will be 1" wide but we do have 4 patterns that will be 3/4" in small collars - indi, sage, wilson and murray.
    kym September 21, 2020 1:29 PM
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    does this harness have a front clip option?
    grace February 2, 2020 1:18 PM
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    thanks for the question. yes, you can attach your leash to the front ring of this harness and run the leash over either side of your dog to provide more control for a heavy puller. your dog will get moved off center when they pull against the leash.
    kym February 3, 2020 12:31 PM
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    The dyes you use are they all natural? One of my babies has to have all natural.
    Donna Stoughton Henry December 3, 2019 7:55 AM
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    we use nontoxic procion dyes. for an undyed option i can suggest our natural solid step-in harness
    kym December 3, 2019 12:45 PM
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    Can I get a decorative harness made up in all solid color with out the decorative bit on top? What about an integrated handle at the top? Thanks
    FjT March 14, 2018 7:51 AM
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    yes, we can make a solid h-style harness as a special order in any of the webbing colors we currently offer. we can also add a handle but because that’s more specialized please call us at 877.654.5528 to discuss.
    kym March 14, 2018 12:50 PM
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    My golden has a girth measurement of 31 inches. Should I order a medium or large H harness? Thanks.
    Sara November 4, 2017 9:19 AM
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    hi sara - thank you for your question. at 31" the safest size would be large so in case there's any weight gain or thicker hair there will still be enough room. hope that helps. kym
    kym November 6, 2017 11:00 AM
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