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brand new earthdog eco friendly hemp buckle martingale dog collars in five styles
  • brand new earthdog eco friendly hemp buckle martingale dog collars in five styles
  • earthdog crew member watson wearing eco friendly hemp martingale decorative collar in dietrich green stripe style
  • phineus-1 buckle martingale collar opened to show buckle
  • earthdog eco friendly hemp martingale dog collars in five styles
  • earthdog decorative buckle martingale eco friendly hemp dog collars in 27 cool patterns
  • why choose hemp
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    • astrid
    • astrid-II
    • avery-1
    • carly
    • demeter
    • dietrich
    • fat moe
    • flanagan
    • fletcher
    • indi
    • jewel
    • kody
    • kody-II
    • kody-III
    • kody-IV
    • kody-V (orange)
    • kody-VI (yellow)
    • murray
    • owney
    • phineus-1
    • reilley-2
    • sage
    • seamus-1
    • simon-2
    • speck
    • watson
    • zander-1

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     medium (15-19") 


     large (19-26") 


    earthdog decorative hemp buckle martingale collars offer the best of both worlds; the functionality and security of a martingale design with the added ease and safety of our contoured, quick release buckle. these collars feature triple-layer, 100% hemp canvas construction and distinctive, earthdog-style trims. our decorative collars can be machine washed and dried, are hypoallergenic and available in 27 styles.

    martingale collars are a popular and effective choice for helping maintain control of your dog while leash walking. they can also be essential for dogs who tend to slip out of their collar. the small loop will tighten with tension, providing a safe, non-choking walking experience for your dog when adjusted correctly. the proper resting adjustment should be tight enough allow the loop to close on your dog's neck without constricting the throat but not so loose that the loop hangs freely.

    we also offer a martingale relooping program to extend the life of your martingale collars for dogs.

    we do not recommend leaving martingale collars on unsupervised dogs. please see our hemp adjustable dog collars for all-day wear. if you're unsure which style collar is right for your needs please contact us.

    all collars are 1" wide.

    • medium: 15"-19"
    • large: 19"-26"

    all collars are 1" wide.

    • medium: 15"-19"
    • large: 19"-26"

    washing instructions: machine wash cold with dark colors, tumble dry

    since 1997
    • we believe in rescue dogs and spay + neuter programs
    • we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
    • we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs
    made in usa