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pitbull awareness day wrap-up

by | Thursday, October 28, 2010 |

these pics of violet exemplify her involvement in pitbull awareness day; they are from top to bottom anticipation, participation and poopilation post event.  we had a good time, the pitbulls seemed to enjoy it, 16 dogs were neutered and many vouchers for free spays & neuters at fix for life were given out...i think we can stamp that successful.  dave posted all the pictures on our facebook page so head over there to check 'em out....

rockin' n' rollin' n' whatnot

by | Friday, June 11, 2010 |

a few years ago i had a dream realized when we set up our non-profit, kody’s fund.  i have always wanted to have a non-profit to help animals in some way and earthdog provided the perfect opening.  kody’s fund was set up to fund spay & neuter programs and is the recipient of 10% of earthdog’s profits.  over the years we have been able to facilitate programs that have led to many dogs & cats being spayed & neutered.  the main recipient of our...

• we believe in rescue dogs and spay + neuter programs
• we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
• we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs