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c'mon people

by | Tuesday, January 27, 2009 |

i don't want to sound needy but it just seems like if this is the crux of your marketing scheme: after cooking for 50 minutes my lasagna should not look like this: perhaps "it shreds" would be a better selling point!  i'm just saying... ...

a fool once more

by | Tuesday, August 12, 2008 |

i used to be a baking fool in my less busy days. now i’m a can’t be bothered fool, especially since i stopped eating sugar several years ago. i’ll still bake for dave once in a while when asked but my how things have changed. it used to be that if you were a friend of mine and it was your birthday i showed up with a cake, whether invited or not. i still have an obsession with birthday cake – i find it hard to believe having a cake on the celebration of your birth is not of the utmost importance...

i can't believe i ate the whole thing!

by | Friday, April 18, 2008 |

wed night dave & i had dinner at a vegan restaurant in atlanta, café sunflower, as part of our tour of decadency. when we go out to eat in nashville i’m usually resigned to a salad and the vegetable of the day or maybe one item on the menu. whenever we get the chance to go to a vegan restaurant it’s such an exciting prospect that my giddiness takes over. i’m handed a menu and i can order anything on it that i want, it’s all legal – even desserts. those moments of sheer joy make being a vegan...

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