a fool once more

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i used to be a baking fool in my less busy days. now i’m a can’t be bothered fool, especially since i stopped eating sugar several years ago. i’ll still bake for dave once in a while when asked but my how things have changed. it used to be that if you were a friend of mine and it was your birthday i showed up with a cake, whether invited or not. i still have an obsession with birthday cake – i find it hard to believe having a cake on the celebration of your birth is not of the utmost importance to every birthday girl or guy. the last two years i’ve baked my own birthday cake because it was a bit too much to expect dave to figure out how to bake a vegan cake plus the cake that i made was a-m-a-z-i-n-g (i have to find new ways of creating emphasis without capital letters - which I hate to admit do come in handy once in a very great while). note: if you eat sugar incredibly sporadically and then single-handedly devour an entire birthday cake you will most likely feel fairly shitty and like you’ve been dunked in molasses…the world moves very fast around you.

because dave’s brother, sister-in-law and their three children are coming for a visit this weekend i decided to dust off my baking shoes. this is my first foray into vegan cupcakes…because i’m pretty durn smart i decided to take a trial run. thankfully, because while these cupcakes are pretty tasty, there is a little tweaking that needs to happen. they’re totally organic and vegan and quite yummy. check out vegan cupcakes take over the world if you feel compelled. i will tell you that when they say you can substitute up to half of the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour and no one will know the difference they’re lying…you’ll know.

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