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there’s been a bit of a gap in my chicken growth posts due to unfortunate circumstances (see previous posts) but they definitely have not stopped growing. next week they make the big move to their outdoor coop – i’ll post some pictures of their new digs this weekend. over the past 3 weeks they have morphed into actual chickens and i swear we can actually see them growing right in front of our eyes.  most of them are letting me pet them and a few are letting me hold them. one lovely lady actually sat with me (& astrid) for a while this weekend which prompted me to paint her toenails so i would be able to tell her apart when my friend and i divvy them up next week.

it is also important to note that they are starting to stink quite considerably – this makes me think chickens probably are not appropriate indoor pets. while many people assume when they learn of how many dogs we live with that our house must smell like a barnyard, i can assure you it never has until now (at least the garage). dave, of the sensitive nose dave’s, is not thrilled.

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