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the chickens were moved outside last week and are really enjoying their new digs and growing like weeds. i can’t believe just 8 weeks ago they were little chicks in the palm of my hands…my how times flies. their mere existence irks the crap out of wilson and he whiles away many hours a day racing around their cage seemingly looking for a way in. since he never tries to sneak in the door (and usually flies right past it) when i go in i’m pretty sure he realizes those chickens would kick his ass. i think if wilson were ever able to make his way into their cage it would look a lot like when the lilliputians tied up gulliver. it’s really a two for one deal – i get the pleasure of owning chickens and the benefit of their eggs and a worn out wiz…score!!!

the chickens spend their days searching for bugs and worms and rooting in the dirt, which i keep thinking can’t possibly entertain them for too long. i worry that they’ll be bored, directionless chickens with nothing to show for their lives. however, after copious failed searches on the internet for chicken toys or a chicken agility course, i’ve come to the conclusion that either chickens are easily entertained or there’s a huge untapped market out there. earthchicken anyone?

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