i can't believe i ate the whole thing!

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wed night dave & i had dinner at a vegan restaurant in atlanta, café sunflower, as part of our tour of decadency. when we go out to eat in nashville i’m usually resigned to a salad and the vegetable of the day or maybe one item on the menu. whenever we get the chance to go to a vegan restaurant it’s such an exciting prospect that my giddiness takes over. i’m handed a menu and i can order anything on it that i want, it’s all legal – even desserts. those moments of sheer joy make being a vegan totally worth it (of course there are many other benefits).

last month we got the chance to go to sublime in ft. lauderdale and it was amazing. i think it was probably the first time in our 15 years of being together that dave & i ordered in a restaurant planning to share each other’s food. traditionally we don’t overlap on anything, although as he’s eeking closer to vegetarianism we’re starting to experience some commonality.

our meal at café sunflower was delicious. i had the “lasagna” and dave had the “chicken” and they were both incredible!! the only problem was that after pounding down a piece of chocolate cake i felt like crap – i rarely eat sugar and when i do it feels like i’ve been trudging through a field of molasses – but it was so worth it. if you’re in the atlanta area check out café sunflower…whether you’re a vegan or not!

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