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it’s taken almost a full year but we’ve finally come full circle.  last year when we announced that we needed to find a home for violet we promised we would give another dog a home so we didn’t leave any footprint.  we remained in limbo until violet found a home and now that she has we’re no longer in limbo.  meet zig:

he’s the newest colella and he’s a pretty superb addition.  he’s a puppy mill reject who was dumped in a kill shelter and taken in by a local rescue.  he’s missing most of his front right arm which apparently in “mill” language means he’s of no use.  it seems like the arm (or lack thereof) turned out fortuitous for zig as it provided a ticket out of the damn mill. 

he’s probably about 9 months old and other than needing to gain some weight he’s in good health.  we’ve got some unique challenges with him that we’re learning about since he’s our first puppy mill dog.  right now if we can get him to sleep during the night we’ll be happy – but he remains fantastic whether he allows us to sleep or not.

as always dave & i were both so impressed with how the rest of the dogs reacted.  they really are an amazing pack and haven’t given him a bit of trouble.  no one’s really befriended him yet but each day they’ve warmed up a little more. 

when dave & i met i had two three-legged dogs so it seems we’ve come full circle in more ways than one.  we’ve had missing legs, seizure disorders, deafness and blindness and now we’re kicking it old school. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvOhTpHyWcw&w=480&h=315]

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