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amanda o’brien of the fantastically funny blabbermouse has tagged me in the seven random and weird things about me blog chain. don’t know whether to thank you or curse you, amanda, but here goes...

  1. i think soup is evil
  2. in high school i worked at friendly’s creating magnificent ice cream treats for all, none of which included toasted almond fudge - that stuff was a block of ice and no one wanted it.  one night a man came in and ordered a hand-packed quart of...dah dah dah dum... the dreaded toasted almond fudge. i struggled with that freaking ice cream but the gentleman received his quart...and i found out the next morning i had broken my wrist.
  3. back in my pepsi drinking days i loved pepsi...so much so that i didn’t let dave buy coke because i thought it would make the pepsi feel bad (i have said there are no inaminate objects in my life, right). this is information i am only willing to impart to you anonymous internets.
  4. i have 16 dogs – that’s probably both random and weird (and also awesome)
  5. one night when i was in high school i was at a gas station when the oscar meyer weinermobile  pulled in – i begged them for a ride and got one. don’t hate...appreciate!
  6. i.love.christmas! (shh, please don’t tell my buddhist group)
  7. i don't like my food to touch - it can fraternize as much as it wants once ensconced in my belly but until then single file line please.

tag! the following bloggers are it (you may note there's not 7 bloggers here - i don't know 7 bloggers):

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here are the rules for my fellow bloggers:

* link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
* share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
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