9 out of 10 dentists agree

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while 93.75% of our family adored benny from the get go there was one that was not only not impressed but downright scared of him.  as fearless as speck seems she is actually terrified of new people and new dogs, the only exception being carly who she adored right from the start (go figure).  speck spent benny’s first few days running away from him and hiding under things.  because murphy’s law is what it is benny was drawn to speck right from the start and followed after her incessantly.  apparently benny’s eggy charms proved irresistible and sometime after the first couple of days she and benny became thick as thieves.  they.do.not.stop…ever!  with every move you make you have to watch your step because there will inevitably be two drunk midgets rolling right around you.

speck for the most part has the upperhand but in benny’s defense she’s like a 40-lb cinderblock and so low to the ground she’s hard to knock down. 


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