a big sigh

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i’m happy to announce that we are once again a complete family and we’ve been able to honor dooley’s memory by adopting another wolfhound…a win-win all around. merlin’s original family’s life circumstances changed and they were no longer able to provide him the life he was accustomed to. i know people tend to come down on others for rehoming their dogs (and i do think too often it’s a much too careless decision) but this is truly a case of someone who wanted the very best for her dog, knew she couldn’t provide it and made the very painful decision to find a loving home for him. i respect that decision immensely and feel it’s an incredibly selfless thing to do. wolfhounds in particular do not handle change well…strike that – they don’t handle anything well. they are way too sensitive for their own good and quite frankly it is that sensitivity that draws me to them and drives me to rescue them in particular.

all that’s well and good but let’s wait no longer on the intros. behold the magical merlin on his way home:

i wish i could say he’s settled in and comfortable and a happy member of the family but, well, he’s a wolfhound so he’s not…yet. i can happily tell you today he’s 900x better than day 1 which was just 5 short days ago. he’s being exactly how i expected him to be: he’s nervous and he’s clearly trying to get on the same page as everyone else but he’s no longer panting and whining 24-7 – i call that progress! i can say with utmost certainty he will be an adored member of our family (i’m already in love with him and he’s not even him yet) and he’s definitely a fantastic fit. he was the easiest introduction yet – he walked in and we started the intros; first singly, then a few more dogs and then since they were all like “hey, whut up new guy” we just unleashed the rest of the gang on him all at once. we then did the obligatory walking him around the yard leashed part and then he was officially in…ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it . ( big sigh )

i know this is a boring post for what i think is a most exciting event but merlin needs time to cook and get settled in before there’s much to share so please bear with us. knock on wood we can call a moratorium on the loss followed by the new addition posts for a while and i can focus on posting about the things you guys indicated you were interested in…and of course more on merlin as he makes the journey into true earthdog life!

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