a fun loving gal

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estelle has proven to be an invaluable resource to our pack – she holds the record for routinely playing with the most members of the family.  i’m pretty sure jewel, indi and wilson are the only ones to successfully avoid her affections and i’m certain they’ll prove uncrackable.  she’s growing into such a lovely lady (although i use the term lady loosely) – she’s a sweet, loving and playful little package.  while her personality is developing her body does not seem to be and right now it’s looking like she’s going to be a lifelong member of our midget posse.  we’re taking her to an eye specialist next week in the hopes that we can get a better idea of what she can actually see.  i have a feeling we’re going to be astonished at how little vision she has.  watching her we’ll occasionally see her do something and it hits us that she must not see much but she compensates so amazingly well that most times we forget.  the reality is she’s totally unphased by her deficiencies and thinks she’s the shit so we all do too.

here she is in action with a bunch of the others:

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