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we’re hosting a benefit for the pet community center here friday night so things have been a little bit hectic the last few weeks.  this is my formal excuse for waiting so long to announce some exciting news.  before i get into that if you’re local to nashville please join us friday for rock n’ roll for pup control…all signs are pointing to this being an awesome evening.   dave will be playing drums all night with an amazing line-up of musicians and i’m (as 76 legs vegan bakery) providing the vegan food.  check out the website for all the details.

now that that’s out of the way let me get into the announcement (although you will have to wade through a bit of muck first).  so since violet left carly’s been pretty depressed.  she and violet were dear friends (this relationship was the root of violet’s problems here) and the fact of the matter is that carly, even though she routinely acts like she’s 2 degrees from feral, is an incredibly nurturing lady.  she’s always the first one to welcome new members to our family, she loves to play and she loves snuggling…basically she’s in love with love.  we kept thinking she would snap out of it but it’s been over a year and she doesn’t seem to be budging.  some of her depressed expressions have actually gotten worse, i.e. anything paper or cardboard-based is no longer safe in this house.  there could be a ming dynasty vase sitting on a counter with a 1-mm square piece of paper inside it and carly will house that vase to get that paper…she won’t bother with the vase, however it’s now shattered in pieces on the floor (this is metaphorical…we own no ming dynasty vases). 

i came to the conclusion a few months ago that we needed to do something to try to help carly (and our house) and together dave & i decided we would try to find her a suitable playmate; someone she could love and nurture.   we went over and over what attributes the best candidate would have and just kept our eyes open.  i’m not sure if you see what’s being laid out here but basically we are now getting dogs for our dogs…that’s what life with this pack has come to. 

the amazing rescue group that we adopted zig from, snooty giggles, had briefly mentioned a puppy that had been dropped and he piqued my curiosity.  i sat back and waited to hear more and a week or so later there was more news about him.  i wrote to shawn, the amazing and tireless woman who runs snooty giggles, to inquire about him and the wheels were quickly set in motion..  i won’t get into the abhorrent things that were done to this puppy except to say that he needed to have surgery to have one eye and a large abdominal mass removed.  there was a very bad scare during surgery when bleeding became hard to control but i’m happy to say he (known at that time as john coffey) made it through the surgery and the next nail-biting 24-hours like a champ.  after spending a week recouping with shawn awaiting the news that the mass was lymphatic tissue and benign he made his final move.

whew, after all that i’m proud to announce that the former john coffey is now and heretoforward...odin colella.

oh you guys, this is the best, most lovable little guy you will ever meet.  now normally i’m not one to brag but i have got to tell you that i am a g.e.n.i.u.s. at picking out dogs…genius i say!

at this point it remains to be seen whether carly and he will develop the relationship we’re hoping for but i can honestly say we did our best at trying to gauge what would work for her…now it’s up to her to forge the relationship she wants (she gets one shot at this).  we did this one wholeheartedly for carly but holy shitake mushrooms did we win in the end…odin will be sheer delight in our life for years to come.  i’ll be posting videos and more pics of his development along the way but for now i’ll just say he’s fitting in awesomely (my dogs are amazing), has developed a real fondness for zig, and is an incredibly joyful little dude.  stay tuned…

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