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so the dogs and i are enjoying a lazy, chilly saturday at home and carly can’t find a seat on the couch.  i happen to be sitting on her favorite chair with my computer (and wilson) so she’s kind of out of luck.  the video below is her reaction to the predicament.  i should state that 93.75% of our dogs inherently know not to get on tables…the other 6.25% is carly and her very soft brain.  normally she would be told to get down but i figured i’d see how this panned out.  


update:  while i was recording this video a jackson browne song was playing on our stereo - 5 minutes after uploading it to youtube i got a notice that there was a copyright violation and the music was removed from the video.  because it's now an oddly silent video (some speaking was removed as well) maybe just hum to yourself as you watch it.  this is a strange world we live in!

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