and we're walking

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reilley was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis several months ago.  it’s pretty severe so, along with regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, a few weeks ago we instituted daily “family” walks to try to aid him in building some muscle.  i should have put quotes around walks as well since reilley and i are the only ones actually walking – the rest of the hooligans spend their time running amok.  because of the mixture of rogue, fast-moving and very slow-moving, path bombing dogs reilley and i need to stay alert and keep our senses sharp or we're going down.

i’m not sure who hates the walks more, reilley or me, and yet every morning he stands there waiting for me to clip his leash on…because he’s about the truest friend a person could ask for.  here’s a picture of him on the way home from one of his vet appointments:

and here' some short video of a "calmer" part of a walk...


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