back in the saddle

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fortunately for me nature provided some inspiration with which to ease back into blogging. last weekend we had the largest snowstorm we've seen in nashville in the 15 years we've been here. it was a fantastic weekend of being snowed in together and that along with the beautiful white blanket over everything (along with the silence) did my heart good. here are a few snippets for your enjoyment:

indi relished being covered in snow

we got a good bit of snow but the tail end was sleet so we ended up with a thick layer of ice on top. carly quickly figured out the way to make the most of was to ingest it.

white trash cardboard sledding was ultimately unsuccessful

we often refer to murray as the ice road trucker because of his very slow yet steady gait (and admittedly probably also his chunky body type) - this weather gave him a chance to show his mettle. it also illustrates the small amount of square footage we all took up in this weekend of togetherness.

in a fantastic twist of fate we happened to have started building a natural pool the week that nashville happened to see its largest snowstorm so we happened to have a bobcat with which to plow our asses out. were it not for the available large machinery i'm pretty sure we would have been stranded here for quite a few days.

plenty of muscle power for all our plowing needs

i am still shocked by the amount of snow - the likes of which we've never seen here

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