a fitting tribute

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last year on march 1, three days before we had to let carly go our property was hit by straight-line winds and we ended up losing a number of trees along with damaged fencing and a damaged gate. all of it was easily fixable and although the loss of trees was a bit heartbreaking, dave and i, all the dogs and the house were luckily unscathed.

oddly the timing ended up being serendipitous as a neighbor with a bobcat was here helping us move the trees and he was able to dig a grave for carly enabling us to keep her here where she belongs. we chose a spot for her that was right in front of a tree that our neighbor and dave thought needed to come down – it had taken a hard hit from the winds and all it’s branches had been sheared but to me it looked like a totem pole for carly so i fought for it to stay.

around halloween dave & i were driving home and one of our neighbors had a large horse skeleton decoration that happened to be the spitting image of carly. i immediately googled “horse skeleton” and the next day we were at home depot buying one to put over carly’s grave.

this spring carly’s tree has come alive and when we were out in the yard this weekend the light was hitting it in such a beautiful way i asked dave to come over and take a picture for me (he is after all my own personal ansel adams). the resulting shot is such a beautiful capture to me i had to share it and the story…

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