adopt, don't shop

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i happened to glance out our front window today just as the fedex truck was pulling in. this is a daily occurrence and if any dogs are out they rush to the gate with varying speeds and grace. the ones who want it are always rewarded with a bunch of through-the-gate pets from our awesome delivery dude, marvin.

once he pulls away the dogs start streaming back up the driveway and that moment is what brought tears to my eyes today. i looked out and saw ella trotting back up the driveway with a few of the other dogs and it was like a one-two punch right smack in the heart. it just hit me as she was just mundanely completing one of her daily tasks how simply awesome, how beautiful it is to get to be privy to a dog who once was just existing learning how to thrive, learning how to live a real life. she just seemed so relaxed and was doing her do and that in and of itself is gratifying beyond explanation.

there’s something inherently selfish in rescuing a dog because really we’re among the largest beneficiaries. sure, the animal is (hopefully) the big winner and learns to love and be loved but holy carpal tunnel syndrome batman if we don’t get to be the eyewitnesses to magic every single day. i know sometimes i take it for granted but then there are the moments like today where the tears just flow and it takes my heart a minute or two to catch on. what a wonderful world it would be if no animal needed rescuing but until that day make sure to reward yourself and adopt don’t shop.

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