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about two weeks ago moose came to join our family…he’s newly 3-legged and mostly deaf so there’s no question he’s a colella. he’s had his fill of changes in the past month or so and as expected was a bit shell shocked when we first brought him home. i’m happy to report he’s quickly coming out of his shell and his personality emerges a bit more each day. he’s taken everything in stride and just kind of blended in with the pack from the get go but he obviously wasn’t comfortable…that’s all changing rapidly and there’s definitely some playing on his horizon. juice has been giving it a valiant effort to entice him but right now he’s still playing it a bit cool…i get the sense that won’t last for long. i think a large component of his reticence is he hasn’t quite figured out his 3-legged play strategy but i’m certain he’ll work it out in due time.

moose’s story is not uncommon; he was with an elderly couple that could no longer care for him and when he hit snooty giggles rescue he was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and consequently had to have one of his rear legs removed. after recovering in his foster home for a few weeks he came here so his once stable life rapidly became one of upheaval…fortunately that part is behind him and we‘re prepared to love him in perpetuity.

my least favorite part of bringing home a new family member is the emotions that i feel and consequently put on them. i hate that they’re the “new guy” and that they don’t know the ropes. in my head they’re just moving about the building in a fog, feeling out of place and not knowing what to do – uncomfortable with all the unknown personalities. i’m clear these are my feelings and i’m probably adding to their discomfort by putting it on them…but that knowledge does nothing to make me stop. fortunately moose adjusted really quickly and he’s an incredibly amicable, sweet guy. i have no doubt we’ve got years of tons of laughter and love ahead with this meatball.

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