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labor day marks 6 weeks since flanagan’s front leg amputation for osteosarcoma and i can honestly say i’m thrilled we decided to go ahead – at this point we’ve already gotten 6 weeks we wouldn’t have had. post-surgery there were 2-3 terrible days and a fairly poopy remainder of that week and then an okay week followed but since the third week pinky has been doing amazing. not only has he adapted like nothing happened but he’s actually calmer and more well-balanced which has been an unexpected benefit.

it’s as if part of his autism veil has been lifted. he’s much more accepting of love and actually seems to be enjoying being pet. he’s definitely more relaxed - he’s even allowing our vet to laser him weekly (not in the shower) which was impossible prior to surgery. i don’t know if it can be attributed to fearing for his life, if he had the realization that we’re going to do what he needs or if i just finally broke him down but i’ll tell you i’m here for it. i’ve gotten more kisses from him in the last 2 weeks than i have in his 11 years with us. i’ve laid with him (literally for the first time ever) and i’ve kissed and hugged the ever-loving heck out of him and he’s tolerated it all…and dare i say seemingly welcomed it. here’s (bad) photographic proof:

we had some stumbles in the beginning with pills. pinky hates pills but after surgery they were a necessity. we can’t put them on his food because he won’t eat a bite if there’s something foreign in his bowl and anything other than his actual food counts as foreign. he won’t take them wrapped in any delicacy…we tried everything. i had to just accept the fact that i was going to have to pry his mouth open, shove them down and get bit every.single.time. it was getting really painful and i hated doing it to him but then i stumbled upon another key to pinky’s brain. he hates his mouth being opened but doesn’t mind my hands in his mouth (i know, right...isn’t he just the greatest). now i just stand there, wait for him to open his mouth and stuff the pills right down with absolutely no fuss.

usually with osteosarcoma i would have implemented a whole holistic regimen, ie turmeric paste, black cumin seed oil, cbd oil, artemisinin, etc but that’s just not possible with flanagan and his specificities. there would be no way to get paste or oils down without daily battles and i can’t put him through that. i wasn’t incredibly comfortable doing nothing so did some further research and am placing some hope in sulforaphane since it comes in pill form, is safe and only needs to be given twice a day.

i’m so grateful for our vet and our decision to go ahead with the amputation. we have absolutely no regrets and feel confident it was the right choice for him. we’re hoping we get a lot more time with him and he gets time to let more love in.

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Patty August 31, 2018 11:52 AM reply
I looked up your website, last week, after seeing your collars at Canine Connection in Chico, CA. Our boy, Riley, goes to C.C. for playtime and occasional boarding. On your website I clicked on your blog. I was immediately captivated and loved reading about all your pups! Flanagan's recovery has been on my mind, and i'm glad you posted about him yesterday. Flanagan, sending you a loving hug from Durham, CA !!

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kym (Store Admin) (Post Author) September 4, 2018 11:13 AM reply
hi patty - thank you so much for your kind words and for reading...i'm so glad you found us! flanagan might actually take that hug now! kym

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Patty October 1, 2018 7:20 PM reply
flan-the man! how are you doing buddy?

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kym (Store Admin) (Post Author) October 2, 2018 3:19 PM reply
hi patty - thanks so much for checking in on flan. he's doing awesome! he's continuing to allow us to pet him and is tolerating weekly laser treatments which was unheard of prior to surgery. kym

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Patty October 5, 2018 11:39 AM reply
Awe...glad to know he's doing well...keep it up flan! *'Smiley Dog' on the website "AllModern"...looks just like Flanagan! Saw it when browsing pics for my home. You might need this print!

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