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juice likes to sleep under things...which is perfectly fine as long as we know the thing he's under when he's under it because, being the beagle that he is, he has very selective hearing and pays little attention to us. what's not fine is that apparently our little juice fancies himself an interior designer and the coffered ceiling look is more pleasing to his design sense. he's ripped the lining underneath much of our furniture clean he's even been using like a hammock. juice knows drop ceilings are so 2015. i will say to this point he’s been very respectful of the top of the furniture** but the underneath is a total shit show.

this brings me to a point on dogs, at least in our house, and no matter how many dogs we bring into our family it always holds up. every single one,, presents a unique, completely random, weird behavior we haven't seen before them. it's like they're all trying to one-up each other but the latest addition is always the one-uppiest because they keep it fresh.

sometimes those new behaviors directly impact someone else. case in point reilley loved chasing red balls...and only red balls. when we adopted benny things were okay for a short period until he developed a burning, and i mean a deep burning, desire to destroy red balls...just chew them to smithereens leaving a trail of hazardous rubber bits behind him, spreading the danger to anyone else who opted in. that was the end of red balls for reilley and the end of any balls being allowed in our house.

sometimes they are behaviors that cause serious concern. we've got a fenced in yard and not a single dog has ever been interested in leaving it...until we adopted fletcher and watson. at some point in his teenage phase watson realized he could (very ungracefully) scale one part of the fence and gain entry to the rest of the world. we were fairly easily able to curtail that with a fence extension. for a short time the brothers were safe in our yard until fletcher realized he could dig in very specific places under the fence and slither his little boneless body under, while watson helplessly stood behind, probably yelling a list of groceries for fletch to pick up. because our neighbors wouldn't allow us to permanently fix the issue with a board (and our side of the fence was too wooded) we were always one step behind, plugging up the current hole with a rock until he dug the next hole. i believe that stopped when both brothers decided they could get out together by just gnawing the fence boards like angry boards, old boards, didn't matter. way too often we were frantically combing the fields behind our house for the boys...fortunately we always got them back quickly. now that watson has gone and fletch is up there in years he's slowed that behavior down but we're still replacing fence boards more often than we should be.

those are just a few examples of a very strange phenomenon. no one else seems to mimic the same behavior that the new dog introduced...they apparently own the right in perpetuity. dogs are strange, wonderful and weird creatures. have any of you with multiple dogs witnessed this same phenomenon?

**knock on wood (such a mistake to write that)

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