the weak link

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sometimes our life seems to move really fast and it can be hard to keep up. in the few days leading up to thanksgiving we ended up spontaneously adding two new members to our family and i’m just now getting around to updating you. i’m going to start with the easy one first…

we were asked by snooty giggles rescue to foster a labradoodle puppy who was dropped at a shelter and, because it seemed like some puppy energy would be good for all of us, we said “yes.” the sunday before thanksgiving we picked the little lady up and introduced her to the pack. she was a little reserved at first but quickly showed herself to be a little bruiser and fairly bulletproof.

the next morning dave turned to me and said “i can’t foster” and just like that a beautiful, non-special needs puppy joined our family.

we decided to name her fela cutie after the late, great afrobeat musician and activist, fela kuti (although we made his last name so much better). if i remember correctly she’s about 3 months old (i’m gonna have to brush up on some details) and is a sweet, feisty and loving puppy in all her glory. at first juice was not a fan…at all…but has since fallen deeply in love.

everyone welcome fela…

and one last one of juice and fela to melt your heart...

next up the lovely ella bean.

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Dayna Reynolds December 12, 2017 10:24 AM reply
This story sounds very similar to ours! Congrats on your new additions!!

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