when it rains it pours

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i know these last few weeks have been difficult for everyone and there is a lot of uncertainty and fear about our future as a country.

that uncertainty and fear has been echoed in our family as well. about 5 weeks ago i noticed some swelling in one of ronan's ankle joints and sadly knew immediately that he had bone cancer. a trip to our regular vet and subsequently the oncologist confirmed this and further confirmed there are little to no treatment options beyond palliative care.

unfortunately the crappy news doesn't stop there as 5 weeks to the day of ronan’s diagnosis i'm heartbroken to have to say carly is now battling the same monster.

we're doing a combination of traditional and holistic treatments to keep them both pain-free, peaceful and with us for as long as we can. carly still has a lot of bone integrity and if anyone can defy the odds it's that girl. unfortunately ronan's is growing faster than we'd like...we're hoping against hope that we can slow the progression.

right this moment we're grateful for our family and we're going to love them as we do every day. if you happen to think of ronan and/or carly please send them peace and love.
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