all in the family

by | Saturday, October 18, 2008 |

like jan brady i grew up with an overachiever for a sister (insert cindy, cindy, cindy)…i’ve grown to accept this in my later years which is why i can now proudly pass her talent on to you. she’s an immensely talented artist and has started taking commissions for her pet portraits. she did one for dave & i of kody and sage shortly after kody passed away and i can tell you it warms the cockles of my heart several times a day. if you’re in the market for warmed cockles please check out...

a worthy cause

by | Friday, October 17, 2008 |

i got an email from one of our customers alerting me to this cause that i think is a worthy one.  operation baghdad pups is rescuing dogs out of iraq and afghanistan that have been befriended by our troops. ratchet is one particular dog that is in need of clemency so he can be brought to the u.s. and adopted by the soldier that rescued him (who is currently under military investigation for befriending the dog that saved her life). please sign the petition and pass it on to as many...

carly update

by | Tuesday, October 14, 2008 |

carly’s been here for almost 3 weeks and she’s fantabulous!! she, probably more than anyone else, came in quite easily and it’s as if she’s always been here, although it’s a tad bit noisier. she’s an 80-lb, 7-month-old, gangly, uncoordinated goofball who seems to be relishing her freedom from a cage. she fell fast in love with speck and flanagan, although together they don’t match her energy level. thankfully with very careful supervision she’s only destroyed a few things and peed inside only 2...


by | Wednesday, October 8, 2008 |

dave was excited to attend the pre-debate rally yesterday in nashville and captured some cool shots.  i think you'll agree the sign he made is pretty impressive (upper right corner).  enjoy!

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i must get a goat!

by | Thursday, October 2, 2008 |

because i have very (very) small eyes and my maiden name is “wint”, i have justly earned the nickname “kym squint”. not sure why i would impart such information to you? you might have been thinking i had huge, lovely eyes and i’ve now shattered that image…if that’s the case i apologize. the small eyes really only adversely affect me when i’m laughing. it is not physically possible for me to keep my eyes open when i laugh, which is why when dave sent me a link to this video the subject line was...

yummy head

by | Sunday, September 28, 2008 |

not unlike last spring, here and here, fletcher & watson's hooligan ways once again get the better of me.  those brothers can take me down but they can't take me out. ...

bust out your camera!!

by | Saturday, September 27, 2008 |

it is with great pleasure i announce the start of our monthly contest series and you, our adoring reader, can be a winner. there are no cases to open, no doors to pick and no feats of extreme humiliation to accomplish - just a simple email to send. up for grabs is a brand new, shiny, 2008..wait for it…earthdog collar!!! here’s the skinny: contests will be announced the beginning of each month submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm on the 15th of each month winners will be announced by the...

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