bound together

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i don’t know if this is the case in other families with a lot of dogs but we seem to be a very tight knit family…pretty much on top of each other 24/7.  there’s a few who like their own space; fletcher, phineus, indi and jewel; but for the most part whether we like it or not we’re in very close proximity to each other at all times. 

generally i’m a fan of this family dynamic but there are times when trying to accomplish certain things it can become cumbersome.  the dogs generally do not easily acquiesce when we try to do something without them – if that something takes place outside forget about it.  unfortunately there are certain outside projects that are not dog-friendly, ie anything involving axes and chainsaws, and at those times we need to play hardball in an effort to keep all heads and appendages intact.

when projects don’t include the potential for loss of life or limb we pretty much just deal with everyone being involved.  last weekend was a great example of this – here’s a scene capture from the painting of a hallway:

here's a close-up of the ridiculousness that is benny:

our walls generally include some hair and our dogs generally include some paint but hey we’re all together, right?  if you can’t beat ‘em (and we clearly can’t) join ‘em. 

everyone else is living like this, right?  right???

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