can't something be done about this

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please forgive this non-dog related post but there seems to be an epidemic out there & it has to be stopped. i beg of everyone with an establishment with public bathrooms to stop with the pithy, witty and/or olde english labeling of the bathroom doors. what's wrong with good old ladies & gentleman, men & women, or even boys & girls. all are equally descriptive, quick and to the point – okay so they might not be creative but they get the job done, which i believe is essential when i want to get my job done. half the time i have to look at both doors and do a mental exercise to determine which is which, ie. wait a minute, is that dog wearing a skirt or is it some kind of aristocratic flare i'm not familiar with, no the dog on the other door is wearing nothing, it must be a skirt and i belong in here. there’s a place in town that went with lads & lasses, which apparently confuses me (i think i see the lad and my brain suplies an ies) because one time last year i came out of the bathroom and my friend said "dude you just went in the men’s room." i'm just saying isn't life hard enough?


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