carly update

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carly’s been here for almost 3 weeks and she’s fantabulous!! she, probably more than anyone else, came in quite easily and it’s as if she’s always been here, although it’s a tad bit noisier. she’s an 80-lb, 7-month-old, gangly, uncoordinated goofball who seems to be relishing her freedom from a cage. she fell fast in love with speck and flanagan, although together they don’t match her energy level. thankfully with very careful supervision she’s only destroyed a few things and peed inside only 2 or 3 dozen times. oh, about the housebreaking thing - after carly had peed in the house about 4 times in one day, even after going outside every 3 minutes, we took her to the vet and begged him “please tell us she has a urinary tract infection” – no such luck. apparently carly either has an odd medullary deficiency wherein she laps up water like she’s just been rescued from the sahara desert after being marooned for years…and then without even processing the water her body rejects it from itself (wherever she happens to be standing at the time) or (and this is what we’re hoping for) she was on massive doses of steroids when she was in foster care and this is a temporary side effect. of course, this would be easily answered if her former foster parent would answer my emails. essentially she threw carly at me, bid her adieu and that’s the last i ever heard from her. needless to say we have some work to do with housebreaking but all that aside she’s an amazing little lady. videos to come but here’s a few pics for your viewing pleasure:

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