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dave started feeding the koi again the other day (they don’t eat in cold weather) and it seems speck found herself another food source.  it should be noted that speck is of sizable girth and is no need of further food, especially that which is stolen from the mouths of fish.  the beginning part of the video was shot by dave from inside the house and right after he finished shooting speck apparently took a header into the pond.  we deduced this from two things:  a sizeable puddle on the deck and speck being soaking wet.  perhaps my favorite thing about this part of the video, excluding zander’s appearance, is that when dave emailed it to me the subject line read “fatass fisherman.”  sadly she was completely unphased by her impromptu swim and the next day proceeded to do the exact same thing.  let me point out that there are 13 other dogs right by the pond at the same time, none of whom find it necessary to stoop to the level of stealing from fish.  by the end of the summer we’re bound to have very thin fish and an even girthier speck!



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