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i’m happy to announce there is a new member of the earthdog pack.  he hails from georgia where he was pulled from a kill shelter and brought to nashville by a wonderful rescue group.  i became aware of him and fell in love with him at first sight.  when i found out he was deaf it was clear to me he belonged here.  without further ado i present benny…

holy crap, people, believe me when i say this is the most fantastic puppy.  we’ve raised many, many puppies over the years between fosters and our dogs, and while i’ve never met a puppy i didn’t like, i’ve also never met one quite like benny.  he is such a delightful dog; loving, amicable as all get out, and overwhelmingly sweet.  neither dave nor i really wanted a puppy (we weren’t really equipped for the old “can’t let ‘em out of your sight for 5 seconds” dealio) but at the same time i felt pretty strongly after the last few months we’ve had that we needed a young dog that would be with us for as long as possible.  let me tell you, the universe heard my plea and delivered big time.  


we were a little hesitant to bring in another dog because of carly being a hair's breadth from ferality.  since losing demeter she’s been trying to catapult herself to the top dog position and has been a bit of a lunatic to live with.  that being said, we also needed some new energy in this house and something about benny made him seem like the right guy.  we were a little worried about introductions but in hindsight all the worrying was a waste of time because he waltzed in here like this is where he belonged.  carly, in a surprising twist, fell in love with him and really showed why we adore her. she was his first friend and has been absolutely fantastic with him.  

we adore this little guy and for some reason have taken to calling him “egg.”  he was just what all of us needed and we hope we can be what he needs…he will be loved for a lifetime.



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