dancing too close to the sun

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fletcher tangoed with the wrong skunk last night.  fortunately for us he received more of a glancing blow than a direct hit.  it happened late enough that neither one of us had the energy to deal with it at that moment so dave tried to make him sleep outside.  with a slight amount of whining i bought fletch a night in the bedroom (i should mention i pretty much lack the sense of smell) which only lasted until about 4 am when dave could take no more and forced him outside.  

this morning fletch received the peroxide, dawn and baking soda blend which takes the edge off the smell.  the last dog hit by a skunk was fletcher's brother, watson, and he had a malingering odor for many weeks...not so smelly that he stunk up the room or furniture but when sitting next to him you got the distinct aroma of burning tires...lovely.  here's fletcher after his "bath":

oddly enough he was more pissed off about the bath than he was the stench of himself.  i swear these brothers are as close to wild animals as any domesticated dog gets...and yet sweet as molasses!

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