dark days

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for the last two years we've been in a battle with wilson's immune mediated disease and the last year has been spent in a desperate effort to retain as much of wil's eyesight as we possibly could once his disease manifested in optic neuritis. we apparently lost the battle this week as wilson's world has gone black - we've got him on a huge dose of prednisone as a last ditch effort to get back the little sight he had but at this moment it's not looking good. wilson has the spirit of a dog 100x his size and i know this is just a temporary setback for him but it hurts our hearts to see him struggling like this. this is not an easy house for a blind, 12-lb little bugger - it's full of stairs and 14 dogs that are 6-12x his size but he was prudent in scaring the bejesus out of all of them in his sighted days - no one wants to mess with him now. right now dave & i are stomping around quite loudly (so wil can follow), telling him exactly where we're headed at any given moment and leading him around on a leash. i have no doubt my little wiz will be flying around like nothing's wrong in a matter of days which will definitely lighten the load on our hearts!


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