driving mr. daisy

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reilley loves to ride in my car and i've been promising him for weeks i'd take him for a ride. unfortunately i didn't have the foresight to take him somewhere before last week when he had a vet appointment and when the time came for us to leave he was beside himself with joy...until we arrived at the vet. to add insult to injury, because we very rarely go to the vet with just one dog, he had to share his car ride with jewel which really cramped his style. today when lunchtime came around and dave and i realized the cupboards were bare we decided to take a ride up the street with reilley to get some food and eat in the park. i was happy to be keeping my promise and reilley was ecstatic to be in my car and yet not so happy to exit it at the park. because of his fear of people he turns into a big, fat worrywart in public. it's not clear if he's worried someone's going to hurt us or him...or both. while we ate he scanned the crowd of 3 other people sharing the large park with us, we took a walk, and then drove home. it was a big day out for reilley. please believe me when i say that reilley is one of the all time greatest dogs...a big, sweet, goofy ball of love - even if only dave and i know it.

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