earthdog tennis anyone?

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years ago dave & i used to play tennis fairly regularly until my bad shoulder became my worse shoulder and we hung up our racquets.  lately, because i’ve gotten my shoulder in better shape, i’ve been thinking of trying to play again.  we decided to buy some balls, dust off the racquets (seriously, dave’s required a hosing) and try hitting a few balls in the driveway just to see how it felt.  because we tend to do things in a “different” (moronic can also be substituted here) fashion we of course let all the dogs out.  i say we do things in a different fashion because it seems regardless of what we’re doing the dogs are involved.  for instance most people entirely clear out a room they’re about to paint but we just walk in and start painting, dogs and all, which is why at any given time you’ll find paint on the dogs and hair on the walls. 

but i digress…anyhoo, today we unknowingly invented a new game we like to call “earthdog tennis.”  it’s kind of like tennis with a bunch of obstacles thrown in and some ball people (or ball dogs as the case may be) who really suck at their job.  more often than not you have to be careful not to whack someone with your racquet (sorry reilley…twice) or send the ball right in someone’s direction because said ball is not coming back. 

all in all it was an enormous amount of fun – we may never use tennis courts again. let us know if you’re interested in a rousing game of earthdog tennis, although keep in mind there's only one court so you need to call ahead to book a reservation.  check this out for some snippets of the fun:


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