fit for a king but made for a queen

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many years ago when our dog count had reached 5 sleeping soundly became an issue and dave was pretty adamant about finding some way to keep the dogs off the bed. the simplest solution seemed to be raising the bed, and after we did this, i had to admit the unencumbered sleeping was quite a treat. over the years we have designed and built several beds, which always proved to be a bit tricky, after all suspending a large piece of furniture that two people will be sleeping on does present its challenges. a few weeks ago i got stuck on the idea of having a real “adult” bed and worked to get dave on board. this generally consists of unrelentingly bombarding him with the idea and it generally works.


we found the perfect bed and, after going over design after design in my head, i finally came up with what i thought was the right idea for getting it up off the floor. last weekend after we had put the new bed together we both had the idea that maybe we no longer needed to raise the bed...after all most of the dogs we have now had never been on a bed and probably wouldn’t even be interested in getting on one. seems perfectly reasonable, right? we decided we would sleep on the bed as is that night and see what happened – what happened is that neither of us slept at all. there was a constant stream of dogs jumping up, jumping down, laying all over us and being all-around hooligans. we “woke” up in the morning and got to work building a riser for the bed and now that it’s finished i think it’s kinda fabulous and insanely comfortable!! if your restful sleep is interrupted by dogs you might want to consider “going up”.

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