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last week we added another chapter to the dooley saga and i’m very hopeful we’re currently smack dab in the middle of the conclusion.  last wednesday things weren’t right and after rushing him to our vet we found that his stomach was packed full of food.  he had a rare complication called gastric apnea and after another nail-biting surgery where we weren’t sure the surgeon would find a viable stomach and we might lose him we were fortunate that no resection was needed and the stomach likely needs more healing time.  the surgeon believes that because his spleen was so large with the initial presentation it stretched the stomach so much that a longer period of healing is necessary.  we are currently in sort of a waiting phase – he’s eating a liquid diet four times a day.  he’s really hungry and pretty cranky but he appears to be healing well.  we’ll up the number of times we feed him every few days and hopefully return him slowly to his normal diet in several weeks.  we are cautiously optimistic that he will have a full recovery.  again, we thank everyone for their thoughts…this has been a pretty trying time for all of us, most especially dooley, and all the well wishes have meant a lot.

in other news don’t fletcher and watson look like the sweetest little men?

well they’re con artists.  we got a call this morning from our neighbor reporting a big, white dog wandering around.  even though i verified all ours were in the house i walked the fence line to see if there was anything amiss and found this:

the boys just decided to create their own dog door to the universe…for about the 100th time.  fletcher apparently has a collection of spoons somewhere that he’s using to dig under the fence in various spots.  because the neighbor doesn’t want us to actually solve the problem in one fell swoop dave has been forced to stay one step behind fletcher and plug the holes after he’s left and come back. now the new thing is we have the brothers working together gnawing through the wood fence like a a pair of angry beavers.  the lighter plank in the picture was just replaced less than 2 days ago so it’s becoming a full time job trying to keep them inside the compound...they much prefer to come and go as they please.

poor odin arrived to this family at a pretty turbulent time…he still doesn’t know what a nice, stress-free home life is like but that hasn’t hampered his fantabulousness in any way.  he is just an absolute dreamboat of a puppy and we all adore him.  


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