gar week - you are missed

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shortly after dave & i moved into our first home a friend left a message on our answering machine early one morning. “hey guys, i dropped off 2 puppies in your backyard…” cut to me shrieking and hightailing it through the house to our backyard. sitting in a taco bell cheese box were 2 of the cutest puppies you will ever see (i can still picture that box clear as day). the fact that garcia first appeared in our life in a taco bell box was lost to us at the time but now it is nothing short of hilarious. it would be an understatement to say that gar was a huge fan of food.

the back story is that someone had abandoned these puppies in a condo complex and my friend happened upon them. he dropped them in our backyard because he figured i would know what to do with them. uhm, yeah, keep ‘em, that’s what! (my apologies for the quality of these early photos – our photos from 1994 just don’t have the same integrity as they do now).

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