gar week - you are missed (day 2)

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it’s very hard to talk about garcia without talking about demeter – they’ve been inseparable their entire lives. in fact, the two nights garcia spent in the hospital a few months ago, when she was first diagnosed, was the first time they were ever apart. they always did eerily similar things and would often times freak dave & i out – they would be like bookends in the same exact position. another things that freaks me out is this picture of dave – apparently facial hair is not always a good idea (why don’t we see that at the time) - but i digress…

whenever i would find myself sitting in between these two i felt as if i was inside some soiled force field. same position, same facial expression, even tails wagging exactly the same – eerie, eerie, eerie. demeter has been really angry at garcia ever since she got sick and now that gar’s gone she’s been pretty depressed. she’s been informed that she’s not going anywhere and needs to stay with us for the foreseeable future.

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