gar week - you are missed (day 4)

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we discovered pretty early in gar’s life that she loved the water. most of the pictures we have of her she is in the water. we used to take her to a local spot where there were rocks she could jump off of but one summer it hit us that gar would probably have a great time on a boat. we didn’t know anything about boats but that didn’t stop us from scouting the classifieds for a used one. within a few days we were the proud owners of a very old, very awesome motor boat. garcia loved to go out on that boat more than anything and we have spent many days laughing hysterically at her insane excitement – throw anything in the water and she would go flying off the boat to get it. this summer she was 12 years old and slowing down quite a bit but that didn’t stop her when we got out on the water. we will be eternally grateful to her for bringing that boat into our lives – it has provided us with many relaxing days, and whenever garcia was involved, a lot of laughter.

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